Monday, 1 August 2016

Two Rejected Education Film Ideas

How To Get A Head In Education 

John Dumbledore Dewey is a highly successful academy headteacher who can't come up with a motto for his trust's new academy that will get his community to buy in and stop complaining. His obsessive worrying affects not only his relationship with his wife, his friends and CEO, but also his own body - graphically demonstrated when he grows a large stress-related boil on his shoulder. When the boil grows eyes and a mouth and starts talking, Dewey really begins to think he's lost his mind. But has he?

The boil takes a cynical and unscrupulous view of the teaching profession in contrast to Dewey's new-found ethical concerns. Eventually, he decides to have the boil removed in hospital but moments before he is taken into the operating room, the boil grows into a replica of Dewey's head, covers his original head, and asks doctors to lance it, which is done since nobody has noticed the switch from left to right. Dewey, now with a new head, moustache and personality returns home to celebrate his wedding anniversary. He resumes his teaching career rejuvenated and ruthless, although without his wife, who decides to leave his new cruel persona.

Teacher stress: Don't let it get inside your head.

Being Tom Bennett

Supply drama teacher Craig Schwartz and animal lover and pet store clerk Lotte Schwartz are just going through the motions of their marriage. Despite not being able to earn a living solely through supply teaching, Craig loves his profession as it allows him to develop the talents of others. Though achieving some mastery, he is forced to take a job as a file clerk for the off-kilter Department For Education, in an office located on the five-foot tall 7½ floor of Sanctuary Buildings. 

Behind one of the filing cabinets, Craig finds a hidden door which he learns is a portal into the mind of education star and behaviour guru Tom Bennett. The visit through the portal lasts fifteen minutes after which the person is spat into a ditch next to the new Sussex Turnpike. Maxine Lund, one of Craig's co-workers whom he tells about the portal because he is attracted to her, sees a money-making opportunity selling trips into Bennett's mind after office hours for £200 a visit. Craig, Lotte and Maxine begin to understand that anyone entering the portal has the ability to control Bennett's mind. Their relationships play out through Bennett, until he discovers the portal and enters it himself, in a bid to restore order to his and their lives.

Tsargate: A portal into the rational mind of Tom Bennett


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